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The Best Friendship Quotes

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    The words that escape a friend's mouth are "I'll be there when you say you need me" but the words that are unheard from a true friend's heart are "I'll be there... whether you say you need me or not."

    Posted by ShhwaY  ID#:5169
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    If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them

    Posted by Sherrbear  ID#:401
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    Sometimes in life, you find a special friend. Someone who changes your life just by being part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop. Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world. Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it. This is forever friendship. When you're down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times an dthe confused times. If you turn and walk away, your forever friend follows. If you lose your way, your forever friend guides you and cheers you on. Your forever friend hold your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you feel happy and complete because you need not worry. You have a forever friend, and forever has no end.

    Posted by DoubleTroubleNic  ID#:13772
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    Friendship is like standing on wet cement. The longer you stay, the harder it's to leave, and you can never go without leaving your footprints behind.

    Posted by BaBy.RoXy  ID#:17113
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    Friends ' Best Friends

    Friend: calls your parents by mr. and mrs.
    Best friend: calls your parents by their first names.

    Friend: has never seen you cry
    Best friend: has always had the best shoulder to cry on

    Friend: never asks for anything to eat or drink
    Best friend: opens the fridge and makes herself at home

    Friend: asks you to write down your number.
    Best friend: they ask you for their number
    (cuz they can't remember it!)

    Friend: borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back.
    Best friend: has a closet full of your stuff

    Friend: only knows a few things about you
    Best friend: could write a biography on your life story

    Friend: will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing
    Best friend: will always go with you

    Posted by BasketballBear42  ID#:22501
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    A true friend sees the first tear... catches the second... and stops the third

    Posted by Bitter_Sweet_Honey  ID#:25630
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    Another month. Another year.
    Another smile another tear.
    Another winter and another summer too
    But there can never be another you.

    Posted by maddy_urs  ID#:12468
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    Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say.

    Posted by Sherrbear  ID#:402
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    Because once upon a time, we were best friends. And, yes, there's been a lot of bad stuff in between. But none of that matters right now, okay? You need me, I'm there. Any time, any place, anywhere

    Posted by irishprncss  ID#:14097
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    Our inside jokes-too many to name.
    When we're apart it's never the same.
    When we're together it's nothing but fun.
    Replacing my girls just can't be done.
    As the years pass,
    and we grow apart.
    I want you to know,
    that you guys are in my heart.
    You helped me through problems,
    through things good and bad.
    You helped me keep smiling :-),
    when I was sad.
    You helped me with guys,
    you made me stay strong.
    How will I live,
    when you guys are gone?
    And where the years take us,
    no place is too far.
    We will think of each other,
    wherever we are.
    You're wonderful people,
    with good hearts to lend.
    And I want you to know,
    that ya'll will always be my Best Friends

    Posted by Iya  ID#:37317

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