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    1- I may be in a group of millions, but there is always one single person I would stare at without blinking my eyes. Yes mommy that’s you and you are one in a million. “by fazeela “

    2- Falling in love with you was beyond my control, mommy I would never leave you for anything. “by fazeela”

    3- I can never imagine life without my mommy who means the world to me. Thank you for choosing me! “by fazeela ahmed ”

    4- If I could ever wish something from god, I would always wish to keep my mommy healthy with me forever. “by fazeela ahmed ”

    5- I have always been so scared to come out and talk to strangers, but one particular stranger I have met the very first day of life in this world made me forget all my fears, and stolen my heart forever. Mommy I love you forever. “by fazeela ahmed ”

    6- Dear God! I can never thank you for offering me such an angle that is always there by my side with no complaining but with a smiling face all the time. Thank you angel mommy! “by fazeela ahmed ”

    7- Oh mommy! The clear roads you have paved and registered for me is the hardest work any mom could do and the most expensive gift any child could ever wished for. “by fazeela ahmed

    8- When I look into my mom’s eyes I see the paradise with full of angles praying for me all the time and that gives me a peace of mind always when a hard time turns up. “by fazeela ahmed”

    9- Oh my angle mommy! From the time we both started living together you had never wanted to take a rest till you see me resting. You will always be my favourite shining star. “by fazeela ahmed”

    10- I travelled all alone searching for you with a set of time period for 9 months and 10 days about 9 years back, and with god’s grace it paid me off by blessing with an angle. Love you mommy! “by fazeela ahmed “

    Posted by phalla in Mothers Day  ID#:612986
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    Does it depress you.. To know how alone you really are?

    Posted by NWW in Mothers Day  ID#:612823
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    A real mom is the ones who fears for her child even from the air breeze.

    Posted by Prestige Words in Mothers Day  ID#:611897
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    When my friends are gone, and i am so troubled all alone.
    My mother is always right behind me, praying.

    Posted by brad_361 in Mothers Day  ID#:610464
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    What a special blessing, when the woman you would have chosen to be your mother, actually is.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Mothers Day  ID#:608736
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    A Man's work is from Dawn to Dusk; A Mother's job is never done.

    Posted by arunromi in Mothers Day  ID#:606030
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    my lovely mom

    Posted by chandukadam in Mothers Day  ID#:604139
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    Why mothers have to be around you: Mothers have to be around you because of the developments and lessons you have to learn in life, to go and ask questions that only they know about, to learn the values of everyday needs, to prosper and give joy and caring to you in the most compassionate way, to watch you say your first words, or to sit with you and read a book, to do your homework and ask for help on it, to compliment her on her cooking, nails and hair, to tell her she looks good while getting ready for a night out, to watch you as you take your first steps, to read a bedtime story to you, to leave the hall light on so the scary monsters won't get you through the night, to watch you sleep, and kiss you good night, to get you up in the morning so you can get dress for school, to hold your hand as the two of you walk to the school together, to watch you get on the bus, and to wait for you wave to her as you say goodbye, for you to take one last look at her as you walk to the classroom, to be right there when you come home from school, to greet you at that door, to cherish you in family moments to hold you tight and never let go through a crisis, to discipline you when you done a bad thing, to watch you grow into the person that she said you can be, to wipe away your tears and sing a song to you so the pain goes away, to watch you do your first event to cheer for you when you make a play, to smile for you when you bring home good grades to support you when you make a decision, to give you advice as a teenager, to call you in when it get dark, to watch you blow out your candles on your birthday to sing happy birthday to ya, to tell you to make a wish to watch you open your gifts and smile, on Christmas, to watch you go on your first date, to meet that girl you care so much about, To Love you and Guide you through life to protect you from the faults of life, to give you the value of love through her eyes, To spend every last moment with her as time flies, To simply say Thank you for everything, and to Never stop loving her no matter what. Happy Mother Day to All moms out there

    Posted by joshomac3 in Mothers Day  ID#:603466
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    Moms are the most amazing people on Earth. When you're out late, they don't need to sleep.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Mothers Day  ID#:603462
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    Dont Judge my Rap,

    Cuz my Mom gonna Love It.

    Posted by RedAssasin96 in Mothers Day  ID#:603336
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