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Everything will be ok, sometimes things work out for the better...

I loved my boyfriend to death, but somehow I started to not feel the same about him after about two and a half months... I was getting depressed and stressed and I didn't know what to do. Finally I dumped him, and he went crazy, he sent me HORRIBLE messages, and called me some HORRIBLE names. I was even at a time when I didn't think my friends still liked me. But when I showed them those texts.... they were ready REALLY mad at him. And there he was flirting with this girl to make me mad. They comforted me and told me that everything was ok. And just then I realized that everything happens for a good reason. This happend so I could know that my friends where still there, and half of the school is now on my side, and they relize some of the hard things I had been going through.

Posted by Princess_Ash  ID#:151336

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