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"You Made Me Who I Am"

Seems like yesterday you took my hand
Softly kissed my pain away
Now you smile at me holding back the tears
Left without a word to say
It was you who made me strong
It was you who gave the love I needed
It was you who said stand tall
And through it all, you made me who I am

There were times I'd lose my faith in me
But you pushed me to go on
You believed in all my hopes and dreams
Made sure nothing could go wrong
It was you who made me fly
Gave me wings so I can touch the sky
It was you who sacrificed
And through it all, you made me who I am

'Cause I'm lost without you
Theres no way that I'd be the woman I've become
I thank you for all your love
And making me who I am

It was you who stood by me
Through joy and pain, tears and laughter
You got me to believe in searching deep within for answers
And now you're standing proud, so proud of me, so happy for me
Just know that I'm proud of you too
'Cause through it all, you made me who I am

Posted by moonlight_sorrow  ID#:339437

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